The Big Big Burger & Chef’s Special Spectacular At City Garden Hotel Makati!

We recently where treated to a lunch “spectacular” with an awesome host Ms Rinna Reyes (F&B Manager), their corporate chef, Chef Dennis Peralta who prepared our lunch for the day and their story telling, always smiling head chef, Chef Mario Bassig. Firstly, an awesome awesome thank you to you all for making this lunch spectacular, a very memorable one.

We ate at their Le Jardin, City Garden Hotel Makati restaurant situated on level 2 of the hotel. City Garden Hotel in Makati is located at the corner of Makati Avenue and Kalayaan Avenue in the Central Business District of Makati City. Aside from this, deserving of a quick mention is their late night bar at the roof deck that is overlooking a 180 degree Makati Skyline with live Acoustics normally every Fridays (another future post).

The restaurant seating capacity may not be as big as some other hotels however, the food certainly creates a wow factor, especially for its price.


Just foot steps away from the very “busy” Makati ave, you would not notice any of this as Le Jardin’s ambiance is very cosy and relaxing. More importantly, a big factor for me is service and as I walked from the lift onto the restaurant I was greeted with a friendly smile and hello.

This I knew immediately would set the tone for lunch and I was already feeling good about the hotel, the restaurant, the service and excitedly anticipating for the lunch “spectacular.”

Le Jardin is a casual dining restaurant which serves an ala carte menu. We were treated to 2 very popular and I must say very affordable dishes, the Big Big Burger and the Chef’s Special.



The Big Big burger is fit for a king and as you will see with the pictures above, the burger consist of a nicely design pastry crown at the top as an awesome way of presenting this. The burger could easily feed 2 to 3 people due to it’s jumbo size. It contained delicious layers of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, slices of pickles, cucumber and very tasty cheese, egg omelette and the mouthwatering beef patty. The patty was well cooked and its texture complimented the other ingredients.

On the side it comes with a small basket of tasty parmesan cheese coated fries, that I could eat all day long. Certainly will have to try this again with the family, especially when all this, will only cost you less than P500… #Awesome!


I have been visiting many restaurants in Metro Manila and this 3 course Chef’s Special is high on the list of awesome quality and especially value for money. That’s why this has to be one of the more memorable experiences. The meal consists of a salad, then your main course and finally your desert, all for an very very affordable price of P480 NETT! Now, your thinking what about the quality in taste? Well… let me share to you my awesome taste bud and sweet tooth experience. =)

SALAD – DP’s Pinoy Style Deconstructed Caeser Salad 

The DP in the name is actually their corporate chef, Chef Dennis Peralta as its his salad master piece or what he refers to as pinoy style deconstructed caesar salad. The salad consists of romaine lettuce topped with not bacon bits but with a Pinoy touch of… wait of it… crispy longanisa bits.

Besides this it comes with buttered croutons, parmesan cheese and soft boiled egg. Presentation wise its of first class. And to complete this pinoy masterpiece, all this is served with DP’s very own Caesar dressing using local fish bagoong and to my surprise it actually tasted awesome.

This certainly was a first for me when it comes to pinoy style caesar salad toppings and dressing. If your reading this I certainly invite you to try the salad out for the true Pinoy foodie experience.

MAIN COURSE – Tournedos Of Herbed & Cheese Stuffed Chicken 

Now on to the very delicious main meal, as you can see from the pictures above it is small round pieces of chicken cut mainly from a chicken leg, stuffed with tasty mozzarella, garlic and herbs. Then wrapped in bacon and served on a bed of mashed potatoes.

To complete the dish is the traditional ratatouille on the side and don’t forget to ad a touch of the Balsamic vinegar with the meal. Again presentation wise it is first class.

DESSERT – Pavlova With Tropical Fruit Melange 

Now for my personal favourite time of the entire meal, the dessert! =)

This pavlova is certainly an Australian favorite dessert. It consisted of crispy sweet meringue served with Chantilly cream and tropical fruit melons. With the initial taste, I was certainly sold on this experience. The pavlova was just perfect and not to sweet as many others I have tasted before. The touch of the cream and fresh crunchy green apple on the side was perfect.

The richness of the Chantilly cream with the fresh melon fruits really blended together and that’s when I couldn’t stop eating until totally devoured! An #AwesomelyYummy dessert. 🙂


While finishing the delicious desert and sharing about our awesome foodie experience with Ms Rinna and Chef Dennis, to our surprise we were treated to another awesome treat. As we are now fast approaching christmas and the festive seasons…

City Garden Hotel Makati is providing some awesome and cool ideas for giveaways or christmas gifts, especially to your family and friends!

We had the privilege to be one of the very first to try their very own special home made christmas offer of assorted truffles (from P50), red velvet cupcakes (from P50), blueberry cheesecakes (from P60) and fudge brownies (from P90). Customers can have the option to either order 3pcs, 6pcs (wow…only P75), 10pcs or 12pcs, however for bulk orders, they did advice you will need 3 days in advance ordering.

So check this out when you are around as certainly once again awesome value for money that I couldn’t resist.


Overall, for a 3-star hotel this restaurant truly is first class. I certainly would highly recommend City Garden Hotel Makati Le Jardin to families and friends. This experience is truly for those on a budget but wanting that first class foodie experience.

I am very pleased by the quality and especially the price of the food served for lunch. It is a a hidden treasure within Makati and certainly a must try. Thank you once again City Garden Hotel for the tasty moments and looking forward to the next awesome experience!


Awesome thanks and shout out to Awesome Joey M. Belango and JMB Photography and Design for all these awesome photos. Thanks bro, you are truly a master at what you do!


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