Providing Filipino Food To Families Cooked The Way It Should Be

While living in Makati, I have traveled here and have eaten more than 7 times within 5 months and also inviting my Australian auntie to bring her family and eat the best Kare-Kare in Manila. I have already explained the top 8 dishes for Serye in my previous blog post of Serye Sucat, so here i’m going to share my personal AWESOME 3 of the 8.


Serye Restaurant and Cafe Diliman, QC branch is the older of the 2 restaurants however it continues to provide traditional awesome Filipino cuisine to families. I shared before about Serye’s mission “to carry on the family’s Filipino culinary tradition,” and they have certainly done this again in this branch. Ambiance wise, not as modern looking as the Sucat branch, but the owner advised they are going through a refurbish of the branch. This will be very exciting especially now, it’s Kare-Kare is known to be Manila’s Best by Food Network.

The restaurant also has very neat and spacious interiors which makes it more inviting to dine in. It’s location in Quezon Memorial Circle is also very strategic as it’s one of 2 restaurants that people will see from the main car park. Also advised by the owner, Alvin, they have really step up the training of staff to be more accommodating and attentive to customers as to matching its recent awards.

All their staff were very courteous, very hospitable and ready for any requests when needed.


These are my Awesome 3 dishes, that EVERYONE should try when they visit Serye next!

AWESOME Serye Dish 1 of 3 – Classic Kare-Kare 

My number one awesome Serye dish has to be the #AwesomelyYummy Kare-Kare. It has been voted by Food Network as the No.1 Kare-Kare in Manila and I personally believe it lives up to this award. They really make the Kare-Kare from scratch, even as far as the roasting of the peanuts.

I can taste the finely ground peanuts and the slightly roasted rice grains of the thick and savory Kare-Kare stew. The delicious oxtail and tripe were importantly tender and soft, melting in my mouth once again, especially the perfect and #AwesomelyYummy bagoong, I believe to be the No.1 in Manila also.

It certainly is a perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors in your mouth.

AWESOME Serye Dish 2 of 3 – Laing Con Camaron Rebosado 

My second awesome favorite Serye dish has to be the Laing Con Camaron Rebosado. It’s a long name but once you have your first bite and repeat these words you will totally fall in love with this dish.

The Laing has been a very hard dish to master, especially the combination the sweetness from the gata or coconut milk and the itch that many undercooked gabi leaves are notorious for. Serye has somehow mastered this dish to perfection and they would certainly when this battle of the best Laing in Manila.

The rich flavor of coconut milk and gabi leaves combined together to create the perfectly seasoned Laing Con Camaron Rebosado, with a little kick of spiciness. This is a MUST try!

AWESOME Serye Dish 3 of 3 – Binagoongan Lechon Kawali 

Lastly, my third awesome favorite dish is Serye’s very own Binagoongan Lechon Kawali. It truly is one of the perfect Binagoongan Lechon Kawali I’ve tasted.

Served with native vegetables, the crunchy and crackly pork belly is cooked in Serye’s special shrimp paste (bagoong). Once through the cruch, the meat itself is very tender, the texture and taste was heaven. The Binagoongang Lechon Kawali is plated uniquely, with the meat and vegetables on either sides.

Once through the cruch, the meat itself is very tender, the texture and taste was heaven.


There is no doubt now that Serye Restaurant and Cafe has one of the best Filipino cuisines in Manila. Taking good care of their customer requests and needs were their priority aside from delivering authentic and #AwesomelyYummy Filipino food.

With such a long family history of providing traditional Filipino food to families, this I believe has taken these three awesome dishes to the ultimate level of classic, modern Filipino food that is a must try for everyone local and international.

The preparation, the cooking process creates this awesomeness of taste, smell and deliciousness of real Filipino food that is cooked the way it should be.


Serye Branch Locations and Contact Numbers:

Quezon Memorial Circle Branch
Contact Numbers: +632-426-2693, +632-924-3411
Mobile: +63-921-848-9149
Location: Food Complex inside Quezon Memorial Circle, Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City

Santana Grove Sucat Branch
Contact Numbers: +632-825-4691, +632-826-9317
Mobile: +63-998-485-0571
Location: Ground Floor, Santana Grove, Dr. A. Santos Ave., Sucat, Paranaque

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Check out the Serye Menu:



Awesome thanks and shout out to Awesome Joey M. Belango and JMB Photography and Design for all these awesome photos. Thanks bro, you are truly a master at what you do!


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