Effective and Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Any Hotel and Restaurant Owner

Marketing need not cost you an arm and a leg!

Below are effective and low cost marketing strategies that you might have overlooked. What’s more awesome is they are so easy to do.

Discover these eight easy and incredibly low cost marketing strategies that you could easily apply to your own hotel and restaurant business right now:

1. Do the unfamiliar – If you want a better outcome for your hotel and restaurant then you must change your routines. Expand your network and attend functions. Be prepared to tell people exactly what you have on offer and do not be afraid to ask for business.

2. Get new business from referrals – We are all connected. Everyone can be your prospective customer or knows someone who is a potential customer. Do not be shy to enlist the help of your family, friends, associates, and neighbours to help you grow your business.

3. Set up strategic partnerships – If there are businesses that can refer customers to you and you can refer customers to them, give them a call and go and see them. Set up a more formal arrangement, exchange brochures, get to know their business, and start referring as soon as you can.

4. Be visible – Stand in front of a crowd, send letters to the editor, look for relevant local organizations to join or become a head of at least one. Distribute your business card to as many people as possible.

5. Volunteer your time for public service – If you just make time for it, you can be referred to businesses just by being a good corporate citizen and helping out in local charities or events. Make time for it and get well rewarded in many surprising ways.

6. Use a blackboard – Surprisingly, you will be amazed by how much business you can get from simply putting a blackboard outside your hotel and restaurant.

7. Ask your customers for ideas – Take some time to sit down with a few of your customers and ask them for ideas to help you grow your hotel and restaurant. They will generally have some very interesting ideas that you may not have thought of. Smart hotel and restaurant owners are always very open to other people’s ideas, and who better to look for ideas than your existing loyal customers? They get to feel good because you asked for their opinion and you get some great advice (hopefully) for free.

8. Do not underestimate the power of simple, thoughtful gestures – Look for ways to do the little things for your customers that other hotel and restaurants won’t bother to do – remember names, give them an on-the-spot discount, and always look for ways to exceed their expectations.

Now, get out there and start applying these eight easy and incredibly low cost marketing strategies. If you do need help executing any of these strategies, you can always personally email me on Jay@theBizVo.com to help you get started.

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