Business Evolution (theBizVo) helps Hotels and Restaurants find new customers, get customers spending more and getting them to come more often. Besides being passionate foodies and regularly loving new hotel experiences, our team’s mission is all about helping Hotel and Restaurant owners run a business that is creating the full customer experience and being more profitable.

Laser Focused: We only work with Hotels and Restaurants. That’s it. It is our speciality, our passion and that makes a BIG difference!

We Listen: Many of the features that we have built and offer to our customers have been things that Hotel and Restaurant owners have asked for, helped develop and provided feedback on. In a lot of ways this is the Hotel and Restaurant Marketing system that has input from hundreds of Hotel and Restaurant owners just like you.

Smart Marketing and Partnerships: We provide our customers with Big Data for Small Business insights. By collecting all of the data from all of the hotels and restaurants we work with, we know what works and what doesn’t. We also have strategic partnerships with Hotels and Restaurants Association of the Philippines (HRAP), Zomato and Department of Tourism to name a few. We now optimize this data with our partners to benefit your hotel and restaurant.

Our Awesome Experience: We travel the world looking for the best hotel and restaurant marketing ideas – Italy, Spain, Japan, New York, Peru, France, Sydney, Paris, Beijing, Singapore, Melbourne and Manila. All very different markets with different marketing challenges, and all have different ways of finding more restaurant customers, getting them to spend more and coming more often.

Benchmarking: Every month our customers get a report showing them how much traffic they got to their website. We benchmark you against other Hotels and Restaurants while providing you awesome tips to help you grow that.

I know that there are 6 reasons instead of 5, but that is how we value you, we always aim to under promise and over deliver. To find out about how the team at theBizVo can help you, start at STEP 1 of our Business Evolution eBrochure – We Make Marketing AWESOME!. (oh… if you don’t have it yet send as an email to get your free copy)

Remember, you don’t want to have the best Hotel and Restaurant that no one has ever heard of.